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Welcome to! This site is intended to serve  you, the user, and will be most successful if you participate. was designed to serve as a forum by providing a site for easy exchange of icons, program files, learned infrared codes and general information on Philips Pronto and now Home Theater Master remote controls. It is also hoped that manufacturers of audio video equipment will post their codes to save end users time in their own programming. If interested in no credit check legitimate payday loans online please contact Gshloans, llc at 888-775-085-9 or email. Also, we are looking for 2 Chief Accontant (Min. Graduate to MBA) and 2 Financial Analysts (Min. MBA to Part qualified CA, ACCA etc.) with 3- 5 years experience in short\long-term unsecured loan for our office in USA.

Pronto NextGen TSU-3000 Specs


Home Theater Master MX-3000 Specs

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Home Theater Master


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Thinking of system integration? Click here for a sample system.

Pronto Club

Join Pronto Club and stay informed whether or not you surf the web. We´ll keep you posted on the latest software and hardware improvements as well as any accessories you might want to enhance your Pronto.


Philips Pronto Edit Software is available for download direct from Philips. While you're there, be sure to get your copy of ProntoEdit.PDF, the ProntoEdit users guide AND the most recent version ProntoUpdate files!

Bulletin Board

Visit our bulletin board for open forums about the Pronto intelligent remote control. Forums on general questions, programming and problems.


Download a bitmap image of the wiring for the Pronto Universal serial cable.

Download bitmaps and ccf files for use on your Pronto or MX-3000 remote control.

Download ProntoPro and MX-3000 COLOR channels icons here!

See and download 162 channel icons compliments of a "a helpful person".


All files on this site are zipped to save download times.  If you you don't have a program to unzip, our favorite is WinZip.

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