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Apple Users

Here are some posts from our BBS from other Pronto users I hope you'll find useful on using ProntoEdit software on the the Apple MacIntosh platform.

Posts from our BBS:

I can confirm that Softwindows 98 handles the mac serial ports correctly and allows ProntoEdit to be run and communicate directly with the pronto on a macintosh...
I have tested a regular mac with serial ports, and a new B&W G3 using a USB to serial adapter...
Works great! no more Zterm upload and download to the pronto!!


In an earlier thread, people said that the following cable from Kodak will do the job: [ product catalogue address] I have bought one but haven't found time to try it yet...........I can now confirm that the Mac serial cable from Kodak (link is in my email above), works between a classic Mac serial port and a Pronto. It's $20.
Also I put a post on about getting Softwindows 98 to run
I can confirm that SW98 can talk to the Pronto. I have tried it succesfully on a beige G3/300 and a 2400 Powerbook. Both have traditional serial ports. SW98 needs 601 chip or higher


I can also confirm that SW98, and the Mac serial cable from Kodak, work with ProntoEdit. The last hurdles are to tell SoftWindows that COMn is "connected to another computer" and tell Windows 98's Modems control panel that COMn is connected to "dial up networking via a serial cable to another computer". n=1 or 2 as you like. (Microsoft says things in obscure ways :-) A more annoying but funny point is that the Softwindows manual says that the serial ports are limited to 19200 bits/s, and when you call Insignia tech support to ask if that's really true, they confirm that it is. If you then ask why they don't support the 115K rate that the Pronto uses, they suggest you email Insignia a suggestion that they should upgrade SoftWindows 98 to do so!


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