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Connection Trouble

Problems connecting to Pronto are most often related to one or more of the following:

The COM port(s) are tied up by one or more other applications such as a Palm Pilot hot-sync program which does not allow ProntoEdit to access the port.

There is excessive RF or 60hz induced noise in the environment where your PC and Pronto are located which is causing unreliable communicatrions between the two. We have found a clamp on ferrite filter (like those used on laptop power cords) applied to your Pronto to PC cord can correct this problem by eliminating the RF from entering the cable. These filters are available locally at Radio Shack stores.

The COM port(s) IRQ's or Hex addresses are being shared between ports and causing a conflict between ProntoEdit software and another application.

The COM port(s)  are not installed as "auto setup" within Windows but rather have been manually configured within control panel to specific IRQ's or Hex addresses which are not compatible.

There is a faulty cable connecting your Pronto to your PC.

A previous version of ProntoEdit software was loaded onto the PC prior to installing the 2.0 Pronto Universal version. The C:\Windows\pronto.ini file in these cases will be incorrect as the 2.0 install does NOT overwrite the previously installed (and incompatible) version of the pronto.ini file. When this is the case, delete the C:\Windows\pronto.ini file, then reinstall ProntoEdit 2.0 from CDROM.

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