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These notes are for TS-1000 Pronto users ONLY.

TS-1000 Software

1) If you are installing prontoedit v2.0 (packaged with TSU-2000 models only) then you must Uninstall any previous versions of prontoedit software FIRST. Otherwise, just follow the on screen installation instructions.

2) The following remaining instructions pertain ONLY to TSU-2000 software upgrades.

3) Delete C:\pronto.css and C:\Windows\Pronto.ini

4) Reboot your computer and disable ALL anti-virus utility programs as they may interfere with the acuracy of installation of the prontoedit software.

5) Insert the CD ROM for prontoedit 2.0 software and follow the on screen instructions.

6) View or more likely PRINT the prontoedit.pdf file contained on the disc. This is your prontoedit software users guide.

7) Remove the CD ROM disc from your PC and reboot.

8) Select (double click) the C:\Windows\pronto.ini file. This will open the file in wordpad for editing. The added entry will gain you access to view and modify hex IR codes.

9) Add the last line of text exactly as shown to the file, then save the file and exit. Your modified pronto.ini file should look like the one shown below.

0 = pronto, 8
1 = pronto, 10, *
2 = pronto, 12
3 = pronto, 14, *
4 = pronto, 16
5 = pronto, 18, *

size = 380
universal_size = 960

symbols = 1
developer = 1          (<<<This Line must be is added)

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